I thought that it’s about time I shared with you all the wonderful things I have been given at conventions and through the post over the years. I’ve kept them carefully in a filing cabinet all these years and your generosity and talent means that I am always adding to my collection, and I’ll be changing these lovely things every month or so, so keep visiting!

Someone had these made for a US convention. Wish I could remember who and where!
Birthday picture from Laura. I love being a Leo. But then I would, wouldn’t I?!
I love the mischievous glint in Ace’s eye and the exasperation in the Dr’s cry; I can just hear it perfectly! Lovely work from Sash.
Richard Johnston works his magic! Ace as Lady Penelope, brilliant!
I love all the detail; the T shirt, the badges and the shoe laces!
Great shading on the jacket to get the shiny look and love the cheek bone shading too!
It’s always so great to receive lovely art like this from the younger fans at conventions.
Now this is clever!
Great simple style and use of colour with felt tips.
You might have met Alison working at many a convention, but look at her artistic talent!
I love the bold unusual style and use of colour.
Some of my favourite letters I receive are from children.
Check out the incredible detail in this pencil drawing; the hair and shading is superb.
Rachel has given Ace some very useful extra fingers here which will come in handy beating up that Dalek.