Tue, 21 December 2021 18:30 – 22:00 GMT

This year’s theme is Words from the Brink – stories and poems and music in response to the climate crisis. We decided that an in person event would take us too close to ‘the brink’ this year, so we are online, with an interactive celebration of everything the planet has to offer, and everything we threaten her with. Almost everything will be performed live – we have a musician in the wrong time zone (Laura Lucas is in Winnipeg) with real live actors reading to you, including Solstice Shorts stalwarts, Sophie Aldred, Grace Cookey-Gam and Sean Patterson; and live music from Suzanne Harper.

You can join in – there will be a post-interval open mic session, ON THE THEME of climate change…possibly two, we are still fine tuning.


In a break from tradition we are having to charge for the event, as we haven’t been able to crowd fund as a result of fund raising for our very expensive BSL project. Remember you only need one ticket per device, not per person, so if you want to throw a watch party on your sofa, that’s incredible value.

We need to sell every ticket to break even, so we have squeezed a lot of what would have been in the crowd fund into the ‘add on’ merchandise bit of Eventbrite, so if you would like a T-shirt, Badge, Book or recipe, grab them there. 

We are also running a pay-it-forward scheme so people can buy a ticket for a stranger – we will release these free/ half price tickets weekly, as they are donated, so if £8 would be a stretch for you, keep checking on Eventbrite…

Solstice is a time for feeding up against the long cold winter, lighting fires, telling tall tales, and promising the sun that we want it back, and the planet that we will try much, much harder.
The book and festival deal with serious issues but with hope at the core, and we intend to have fun.

We are making this a Feast of a Festival – you can get the original recipe for our stunning Solstice Cake and bake your own to eat along with us, but we’d also like you to share your favourite solstice or climate change themed recipes – or fake recipe books – and pictures of them! We had a quick session this morning to figure out what we mean by this – so preserves and pickles for the long haul is one suggestion, or low impact treats for the planet. if these can be presented as poems all to the good.

We plan to share serving suggestions for every section of the event when we publish the full programme, so if you want to, you can make this a real-life celebration too.